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Why You Need To Leap Into The Unknown

I believe that if you see yourself living in abundance, you will attract it. However, no matter how much I tell the universe what I want and try not to focus on what I don’t want, I am no closer to attracting my perfect life. Perhaps I am limited by my own thoughts. It doesn’t even matter how hard I try and control them. But if I am an architect of my own life, why is this so hard to change things? Why then does science demand a leap into the unknown?

We have been programmed to think and believe that only hard work and perseverance will help us achieve success. That success and status in this world are earned.

Throughout my working career, especially since I started contracting, I always sought out the most lucrative opportunities. I spent days and weeks hunting down the contracts. Ones that would earn me the most money with the least possible effort. Sometimes I got lucky and those opportunities came my way. However, there were times where weeks went by with no results. Unwilling to give in to something I knew deep down was not what I wanted or resonated with. Therefore I continued persevering for my good fortune.

8 years went by and each time, even when on the brink of despair, something always manifested in my life at the last moment. Some contracts were more exciting than others. Other contracts were better paid and in better locations. However, every time when I wanted to give up and mentally prepare myself for the life of a full-time employee rather than an independent contractor, something always came my way.

Finding My Strength In The Unknown

What I realised recently, that times like those made my life exciting. Times where I had no idea where the next payment would come from. Whether we could afford school fees or go skiing. I would wake up each day with a knotted stomach, hoping that one phone call would change the path of my unemployed life, and somehow, it always did. Sooner or later such a call or email always came and I would end up in a new place with new people.

Repeating the same pattern again. But after settling into my new job, life would seem boring and too stable. Inevitably I would start searching for something else, maybe a holiday, or a new house, or another job. I was so busy persevering, pushing and wanting that there was no time to dig down inside myself. To have this quiet moment and see what is it that I was running from. 

Making things happen

Making things happen and finding alternative ways to force them to happen was my strength. Surrender was not a word in my vocabulary. I grew up in Soviet Russia where we never surrendered but fought with all our might. And besides, I felt that I achieved some sort of success in my life.

Not able to speak any English at the age of 13, I ended up working at Microsoft head office in the UK at the age of 26. I was writing software and workflows for MOD. Subsequently working alongside people 2-3 times my age and advising on how best to automate their processes. By the age of 40, I was a contractor. Most of the time even an employed contractor earning decent rates and working in some large corporate companies in London. Kids in private schools, ski holidays, summer vacations in Greece, what else could I possibly wish for? 

I will not go into details of my last year’s journey as I have done so here. Therefore, fast forward to April 2019.

I made a decision to build a life from which I did not need a holiday and to focus my energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. Things had to change, personally and professionally and that meant making some big decisions which ultimately lead to new opportunities:

My first leap into the unknown

As of September 2019, I became a business owner of Driving Miss Daisy.

Leap into the unknown as the owner of Driving Miss Daisy. Close up of Lena with DMD jacket.

Driving Miss Daisy is a companionship and transportation service for people who are struggling to get out and about. Contemplating for months on how, where and when to start a charity I came to a conclusion that although I liked setting unrealistic goals, such challenge would simply not be possible at this time of my life. This is when a franchise opportunity, recommended by Age UK came into my life. After learning about their business model and realising that all I do is lose money for the first months or maybe even years, I was all in! 

Some thought I was mad, that I had lost my common sense. However, I knew that for me to have a life of fulfilment and purpose meant taking a risk as opportunities do not always come gift wrapped.

Taking a risk and winning meant I would be happy. While taking a risk and losing, well, it would make me wise. It was a win-win situation. 

Although I knew in my gut that this was the step in the right directions, I faced challenges bigger than I could ever have imagined. The doubts that crept into my mind, the nagging voice which challenged me at times when we had no calls and no enquiries and the bright blue car wrapped in daisy flowers stood un-utilised outside my window. I had to constantly remind myself that we do not grow when things are easy. We only grow when we face challenges. However, at times, I was so tired of these challenges and supposed growth that a small part of me (for a fraction of time) wished to turn the clock back to times of my 9-5 standard boring life.

My Second Leap into the Unknown

‘Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning and make it happen’ Wayne Huizenga

A few months ago, I ended up at the Success Summit in London.  At the summit, I heard about digital marketing and how, by clicking the same keys on the keyboard but just in a different sequence, some people ended up making fortunes.

I then listened to a talk by John Lee of Wealth Dragons and realised that having things under control meant that I was not going fast enough. Having a full-time job, a new franchise and 2 kids clearly did not ring any alarm bells. In a heartbeat, I jumped onto my chair waiving my arms in the air only to end up on the stage next to John without realising what had happened.  

leaping into the unknown with Lena in front of Wealth Dragons sign

Signing up to  Wealth Dragons Bootcamp to peruse my new digital future I felt excitement like never before. There was this opportunity where I did not know what is going to come. However, I knew that it was not to be missed. Whilst researching and listening to podcasts, videos and webinars in preparation for the Bootcamp, I came across Six Figure Mentors community. Once again the familiar feeling of excitement nudged me to explore it further. Following my gut rather than my brains, I signed up for another digital adventure.

Starting an online business is not a quick buck scheme. I have never felt such a feeling of overwhelm and despair before.  When nothing made sense and everything seemed senseless. But step by step, with support and guidance of dedicated coaches, support teams, community members and friends I managed to overcome a lot of the hurdles. When I look back now to where I started and where I am now, I am proud that I did not give up as regret at doing so would be a lot harder to bear. 

My Third Leap Into the Unknown – The Craziest of All

Having been a marketer for 4 months I came to the conclusion that my passion and purpose are to bridge digital marketing with spirituality. The Driving Miss Daisy franchise fitted this model. I could see the impact it was making on the lives of our clients. Starting a new business is not an easy task, especially since I had no prior experience in sales or marketing. It was not the hours spent doing admin, keeping social profiles up to date, blogging, delivering leaflets, servicing clients, driving nightshifts as I had a great team around me to help with it. It was the struggle to fill my mind with positive thoughts to see the changes in my life I wished to see. 

Having to split myself in all the directions also proved to be a challenge. My daily job seemed pointless and meaningless, but it was the only source of income. Driving Miss Daisy was a new startup with a lot of expenses. Digital Marketing consumed all my brain cells and finances, and I was not seeing any results.

What was I doing and where I was going? 

A few weeks ago I was informed that my contract was being terminated 2 months earlier than originally thought. Despite the financial challenges I faced, there was this familiar feeling of excitement. Without the job, how could I afford marketing, paying salaries not to mention school fees and mortgage? Nevertheless, I slept soundly at night and when asked what I am going to, my response was always the same: “Follow my passion”. 

Looking Forward To A Future Within The Unknown

Since then there have been some new and incredible opportunities coming my way.

  • another IT contract but home-based and at a rate a lot higher than previously earned.
  • possibility of freelance marketing project which I am currently putting a proposal together for.

I have met so many inspiring, honest and impactful people on this journey. I do now truly believe that it is not the destination that matters, it is what we learn and experience along the way. 

More blogs on how it feels to be jobless to follow…

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