Jump out of bed in the morning. Alarm clock next to bed.

What gets you to jump out of bed?

What gets you to jump out of bed in the mornings? Is it a feeling of excitement of the day ahead? Where you are eager to jump out, get dressed and rush off to work?

Or is it mixed emotions of boredom, indifference and resigning to the fact that you cannot change your circumstances. You just do what you have to do and there is no alternative?

Or, do you wake up with a feeling of dread and resentment? Pre-emptying another frustrating day in the office where you are not fulfilled, appreciated or emotionally connected to?

For many years I was a bi-product of the latter 2. Having no emotional connection with my job, often feeling bored after the initial excitement of a new contract settles down. 

I did, and I can promise you that each day I wake up eager to get out of bed and start my day. It does not matter whether I slept for 4 or 5 hours. Whether my daughter woke me up because she was itching or hungry or hot or…The excitement of the momentum gets me going because I know, I am creating my future now. 

If you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, disconnected, or, even if your life is perfect and there is nothing you want to change, I would love to hear from you.

Get out of bed with a purpose

Not seeing any purpose why I am doing it only know how I am doing it. But since it is a well-paid job which allows nice holidays and pays for schools, how could I consider any changes at this stage? 

The answer actually came quite unexpectedly. After mistakenly responding to the add which appeared on my screen a few months ago. Already then I decided to take action and invest in my education. However, there were so many choices and so much information. It was impossible to choose something I felt connected to.

Landing on SFm site and listening to their why has resonated with me on so many levels. Their passion, enthusiasm and expertise in digital marketing ticked all my boxes. Even though I had never done any sales, web site design or marketing. In fact, in all my 20+ years career in IT, I always thought that marketing was glorified project management. 

The deeper I delved into the SFM modules the more intrigued I became. Realising that this is my way out of the rut. 

I never felt so much passion and excitement in my business life and believed for the first time that it is possible to step out of my career mind box and create a life of financial independence. A life where I can make a difference to not only my kids, loved once and friends but also reach others, who are feeling stuck and disconnected. 

Since starting my journey with SFM my sleep has definitely gotten worse but it is due to sheer excitement and anticipation of another day. Without a doubt, I know that finally, I am on the right journey towards my dream life.

Take the ride

It will be bumpy, uncomfortable and challenging. But then it is not possible to achieve success with the same level of mind that go me this far in my life.

I realise that in order to change my reality I have to change my personality but at least a year, for now, I will NOT wish that I started today. 

I would love to hear from you!

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