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Transformation in all areas

I spent last week in Portsmouth learning business and marketing skills which I clearly know nothing about. As I’ve said before, transformation is not easy.

Although I gained a lot of knowledge over the 5 days. The most important take away for me was realising my true Why. 

Driving Miss Daisy Venture

I went into the Driving Miss Daisy venture inspired by our dear friend Wendy. At the ripe old age of 91, she is full of wonderful stories and boundless energy. However, my true why go back to the time of childhood over 30 years ago. Those memories and feelings have been suppressed for so long, that only now after many days, weeks and months spent reflecting on my own self are starting to emerge.

I was born in the Russian city of Samara. Back in Soviet times, it was customary for the young couple to live with their parents. Mostly due to financial struggles and lack of accommodation. Life was not easy and people were hardened by the post-war era. Trying to survive the best they could. But I had a happy childhood and was not affected by these limitations.

We lived with my grandparents for few years in my early childhood but even when we got a place of our own, I would often spend long summer weeks hanging out at their place whilst my parents were at work. My grandmother had a severe polyarthritis which left her crippled and in severe pain. I remember her struggling to get out of bed and basic things like making a cup of tea were filled with excruciating pain. But she never complained.

Transformation in all areas of your life. Lena loading wheelchair

Transformation is not easy

My grandfather, a genius of an engineer, was underutilised in all areas of his life. He spent most of his time with his life companion, vodka. Yet, despite the hardship of their environment I never remember my grandmother being angry or frustrated. 

Being a child and not a very observant one at that, I did not pause to think about how restricted their lives were. My grandparent’s prison was not just mental, but physical as well. I did not do much to brighten up their lives either. I mostly concentrated on sparse playmates I could find in the local playground. 

It never occurred to me during long summer days that although I was bored and lonely, I had an opportunity to leave the house and roam around freely. The times when my grandfather sobered up, we spent cycling about the village, constructing bows and arrows and eating biscuits in the local bakery. But my grandmother was trapped in a world of pain and loneliness. 

It is too late to make a difference in my grandparents’ lives. However, there is time to change and impact the lives of so many others. 

By educating myself on digital marketing my hope is to spread the awareness of my business and begin a journey towards transforming the lives of others. We now live in a society where most of the young and elderly alike have direct or indirect access to social media. By learning how to market our service I believe that we can become the change we want to see in this world.  

We can start our own transformation.

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