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Time To Set My Priorities Straight

I Came To A Point In My Life Where I Felt It Was Time To Set My Priorities Straight.

Last September my son has started High school which was both, exciting and terrifying at the same time. Having never commuted before and unable at times to tell left from right… The idea of him taking a train was rather unsettling. But as it often happens, the unknown quickly becomes the known and as the weeks went by we all gained confidence in his commuting abilities.

My turning point

A few months into the school year we have received an invitation to the welcome luncheon followed by the parent-teacher conference. The event was scheduled to commence late morning stretching into later part of the afternoon.

Being a contractor, I tend to shy away from any social engagements which impact my daily schedule. This time was not different, except, it was my son’s big day at the big school.

Finishing some last-minute emails, jumping into a car and zooming straight into the meetings with the teachers. I was clock watching and wondering whether anyone will notice my absence. As I listened to their kind comments about my son, I felt immense pride. He was polite, kind, attentive and a ‘true gentlemen’. This meeting was a true success. Or was it?

Uplifted, I left the hall in search of my son in this new school. Covering mile after mile and getting completely lost, I finally managed to get to him only to find him discovering the depth of his loneliness. Unable to understand why he was so sad I hugged and expressed my happiness at his accomplishment. However, the look of sadness did not leave his face. Probing a bit further at what the matter was, he said that he was the only kids without parents by his side.

Setting my priorities

Shame, guilt, anger…How could I put my relationship with my job above my relationship with my son? I should have long known that only I have the power to say that this is NOT how the story goes. There and then I decided to explore opportunities and to hunt for someone I have not yet become. No matter how uncomfortable and painful the growth and change can be.

I was fed up with commutes. Fed up of counting hours and days I took off for holidays wondering whether there would be enough left to pay school fees. Of being told when I can work from home and when I had to go in. Fed up of pointless meetings and writing software which will become legacy before I would even finish the contract.

I wanted to be my own boss. To decide when I go on holiday and how long the holiday would last. I wanted to have the freedom to work anywhere in the world. To practice yoga without constant nagging voice in my head. I wanted to take kids to school and go play tennis with them after school without dragging my laptop constantly refreshing the screen so that online presence would glow in green. To show my children that often things seem impossible until they are done. But most of all, I wanted to make a difference, have an impact on the way we live our lives and gently shake the world.

Be In Love With Your Life

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