It starts with a single step to freedom. Take the first step written on road.

It starts with a single step to freedom

These words inspire me to claw myself out of the corner as, yet another day has passed, and I have not managed to recruit anyone for my franchise. It starts with a single step to freedom.

‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step’

Lao Tzu

Before I dive any further. I should probably talk a bit about my new venture in the world of Driving Miss Daisy. A few months ago, while going through some personal struggles I decided to focus my attention on doing some good for the community. Having toyed with the idea of setting up a charity for some time.

I reached out to a few organisations in the area. Setting myself attainable goals has always been dull. However this time it felt like it was a goal without a plan. Simply a wish. Perhaps even an unrealistic wish for now.  With 2 children, a full-time job, practising daily meditation, yoga and exercise which I am all passionate about, left me with little free time. 

The road to freedom starts with a single step

I do not like giving up! Trying to make peace with the idea that my hours in the day are limited. I started exploring another option which presented itself to me in the pursuit of the charitable causes. Driving Miss Daisy UK, a business with a heart and community spirit grabbed my attention. Subsequently, prompting me to take action. As for the first time in my career, I felt an emotional connection to something bigger than me.

The aim of the business is to provide companionship and driving services to elderly, disabled, children and those unable to get out and about. Although it is a paid service, I felt that this is my opportunity to make a difference in my life and to the lives of others

The challenges on the way to freedom

As every accomplishment starts with a decision to try, I decided to explore all possibilities in attaining this goal. Trying to raise funds I committed myself to finding an investor. Unfortunately, he could not commit and kept changing his mind as to how much investment he was willing to make.  Going back and forth between the banks, creating cashflows projections, business plans and more projections finally resulted in the required amount to purchase the franchise. It has been a wild journey but its small victorious steps along the path have given my goal a greater meaning. 

The biggest challenge of all has proven to be recruitment and it seems impossible to find just 2 people in the population of 100000. I have tried and tested all the platforms; ‘Indeed’, ‘Job Centre’, ‘Gumtree’, ‘Mumsnet’, ‘FaceBook’.

I had numerous applications and managed to hire 2 people, who I thought was great. There was a Mom looking for a fresh start and a part-time DJ with a passion for life. But it was not to be and somehow, I managed to lose them both in the same day.

Then there was an applicant who halfway through the interview enquired whether her not able to drive would be an issue. The job description clearly stated that a clean driving license is required!

Another candidate interrupted me 1 minute into our conversation asking how much she would clear per day, month and year. And another candidate who I felt was on her final breath of life. There were close to 50 applications from whom I never heard back which made me wonder, do they even exist??? And many more I would not even bother to mention. 

A single step starts the journey

I am the owner of a franchise, a company car, boxes of marketing materials, client bookings on hold, and missing the most valuable assets.

I can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful business in the community but it requires people to make the dream a reality.

Why not take a single step towards your financial freedom

Have you experienced anything like this before? How did you resolve this situation? Would love to hear about your recruitment journey.

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