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Invest in Quality Time

Using your time wisely is so important. The first step would be to see what quality time can mean to you. We are all so accustomed to being busy and convincing ourselves we don’t have enough time, that this lack of time begins to escalate.

Poor people are tight with their money.

Rich people are tight with their TIME.

The Truth is:

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time.

Jim Rohn

Time flies never to be recalled


But how many people do you know who this is true for?

Most people squander precious hours:

  • Reading celebrity gossip magazines (does it really matter who wore what, where?)
  • Watching mindless TV 
  • Spending hours on Facebook each day
  • Gossiping around the water cooler at work
  • Cutting discount coupons
  • Driving around 2+ grocery stores to ‘bag’ bargains
  • Camping out at the Apple Store to be first to get the newest iPhone
  • Travelling 45-minutes into town to get to that sale
  • Booking flights with long layovers only to save $99
  • Surviving traffic for 90-minutes each day to and from that thankless job
  • Festering in a cubicle for 40-60 hours a week… to line someone else’s pockets (knowing full well that the more hours they work, the lower their value per hour is on a fixed annual salary)
  • etc etc [fill in the blanks]

Of course, the rich know this already. That’s why they’re rich. They treasure their time wisely. They understand every minute matter.

Invest in Quality Time

Focus on quality time

So, instead of squandering precious moments, they invest time to build highly automated businesses.  And they invest . . . back into their business to scale and compound returns.

Rich people turn left (on a plane) and never squander time-pinching pennies; they’d prefer to invest money to buy back more time.

Sadly, most people never truly appreciate this truth. Which is why they’ll stay chained to the corporate cubicle for the rest of their lives. They continue to say things like: “Why pay for mentoring when I can freely seek out all the information online?” 

Are you really going to comb through billions of pages and magically piece together a process that works?

  • Firstly, how long is that going to take you?
  • Secondly, how many rabbit-holes are you going to go down?
  • How many boo-boos are you going to make?
  • Most importantly, how many YEARS will that set you back?

What is the real cost of that? How much are you missing out on earning by taking a ton of time to do your research and gather info for free?

Invest in Quality Time

Let’s repeat:

Poor people are tight with their money.
Rich people are tight with their TIME.

This is why I am always buying books, courses, and am a member of Six Figure Mentors. I invest in shortcuts.  It costs way too much time not to.

Instead of drowning in free information, I would rather pay someone who’s already got the resources, services, and info I want to help us AVOID the potholes.

Rather than cutting out coupons to save $25, I load ad campaigns to double my money. 

Instead of watching the ‘goggle box’, I read stuff that expands our brains and our horizons.
Rather than rush hour traffic, I work from home or gym or anywhere else I chose

I still enjoy having wine with friends, going to movies with my kids, going for runs or gym but I value my time a lot closely understanding what an hour is truly worth to me.

I am getting tighter with my time and wiser with my money. As a result, fun, freedom, and flexibility are my friends.

If you want a fun, free and fulfilled life while you’re still healthy enough to enjoy it, cherish every minute, Invest time wisely, because there is a limited supply.

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