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How Internet Marketing Can Help You Earn Money Online

With the reach of the internet being what it is, should internet marketing not be the logical way to go?

Our lives have become intertwined with the internet:

  • Ease of information access
  • Global social networking
  • Being able to buy online to save time physically going to the shops

The internet is here to stay. Here’s pivotal facts and figures as evidence.

Why is internet marketing so huge

In any normal day:

  • 900,000 blog posts are created
  • 50 million tweets are sent
  • 60 million updates are logged on Facebook
  • 210 billion emails are sent

And that’s simply the tip of the internet iceberg.

If that’s still difficult to wrap your mind around, here’s another angle – former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, says:
“To record and store ALL human communication up 2003 [that’s after the first dot-com bubble burst], you’d need 5 Billion Gigabytes. Yet, today, that volume of storage would only hold TWO DAYS of communication in 2011.”
Phenomenal, right? And we think it’s maybe a bit scary too.

So read this next bit carefully:

It’s believed Google has roughly 1,500 pieces of information on 96% of US households. This data could be names of your nearest and dearest (from your address), your friends (from your emails and contacts), household take-home pay (from online purchases), your local dry-cleaner and places your frequent (from Google Maps) – the list goes on! Facebook also collects vast amounts of personal data; like who your partner is, where you dine out, where you work, and all the things you “like”.

All this information is freely posted on news feeds and is naturally squirrelled away in Facebook’s growing treasure trove of data.

It’s too detrimental to ignore the advancement of the internet.

Our lives changed when our perspective of the internet went from a Maze, to amazing.

No one can stop the progress of the internet. So I chose to find a way to get all that data work for me rather than against me.

When my last contract in London ended, I didn’t want another noose around my neck in the form of a job. I wanted a cash flow strategy that gave me back control over my time, freedom and flexibility to follow my passion for travel.

The internet is the obvious answer. Maybe you want the internet to work for you too?

I chose to re-educate, re-skill, and re-invent in myself, to build a business without needing to create, own or licence my own digital products. No fancy ideas, no marketing or sales training, and not being entrepreneurial – didn’t stop me.

So that maze of personal info amassed by the likes of Google and Facebook, you can learn leverage all that data to closely target prospective customers.  You can have all that data work in your favour. Which is why digital marketing is a booming industry today – and why it simply didn’t exist a few short decades ago.

Internet Marketing to Earn Money Online UK

Who, what, how, when and where on white board

Ready to take advantage of the internet trajectory and learn how to maximise it?

I have a SPECIAL FREE TRAINING to share with you – but only if you’re serious about changing your life without having to create, own or licence your own digital products.

When you register for this free webcast, my mentor Stuart will explain:

  • exactly where to focus your attention, to avoid information overload, overwhelm, and procrastination
  • which action steps to take, to have a proven path to follow, so you get results sooner rather than later
  • how to grow (scale) your profitable online business, so you get paid what you’re truly worth, and not a restrictive hourly rate

Get the power of the internet data machine working for you.

Create a positive future when you upgrade your thinking and earning strategies.

REGISTER, absorb, take action.

P.S How to go from a Maze to Clarity & Profit…

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