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3 Reasons Why You Can Achieve Financial Freedom

We often tend to get lost in life. We are willing to give up our dreams for the sake of pleasing others. Building your dream life requires a lot more than imagination and positive affirmation. It is a long journey of self-awareness, dedication and commitment. However financial freedom is within your reach.

If someone asked me a year ago what my life purpose was, my answer would have been ‘definitely not what I am doing now’. Luckily no-one except me ever asked this question.

When I was a child my life seemed so small and insignificant in comparison to others. That made me feel extremely sad. This feeling stayed with me into my adulthood and cost me a lot of happiness, freedom and self-esteem.

We are all capable of so much more than what we currently are and forget that true growth only occurs when we get out of our comfort zone and take actions. As children, we learn how to ride a bike, swim, read and many other tasks which have now become automated. That was when we truly grew and developed into the people we are today. But at some stage, this growth stopped or became restricted as we settled into our daily life habits. 

Financial freedom is within your reach

I have always valued freedom above anything else. Therefore being in a job where I felt no sense of purpose, inspiration or service to others, made me look for alternatives. Turning my focus within and blocking the external chatter enabled me to find my focus and passion. I realised that there were choices in life and opportunities would present themselves, if invited. My goal has shifted from being comfortable and safe to making an impact and providing service to others. 

The shift started with daily self-awareness exercises and searching for new opportunities. Opportunities that would enable me to quit my job, achieve financial freedom and become an entrepreneur. Those where I could really focus on building my dream life, and not dreams of anyone else. 

I could not have achieved this on my own without the help of mentors, coaches and the Six Figure Mentor community.  Their dedication to my personal as well as business success has equipped me with knowledge and tools that enabled me to transform my life and most importantly transform my mindset.

A proven model to reach financial freedom

Through their proven business model I learned:

  • How to build an online business 
  • Effectively marketing my business to the right people.
  • Setting up an affiliation programme and earning while learning
  • Building websites, sales pages, marketing campaigns
  • Advertising on social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

And much much more

This knowledge has put me on the road to financial freedom. It can set you free too! Are you prepared to take action and commit to your success? If you want to learn from the same workshop series that started me on this journey, make sure to click on the link below. Pop your name and email into the form and get started. Do not wish a year from now that you took this step today.

Hope to see you on the other side!

Financial Freedom

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