Humble leader. Gregg Braden and Lena selfie.

Could a humble leader be the answer

The concept of humble leaders came to mind when I recently attended a one day workshop in London. The workshop was led by two men I admire greatly.

Dr Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden.

Although I’ve attended events by Dr Joe Dispenza before, it was my first time seeing Gregg Braden in person. I was even lucky enough to have a quick chat and snap a pic with him.

We had a great day. So much so that I didn’t really want to leave. Spending time with 549 other people and being once again amazed by the knowledge of these two men just seemed conducive to some great conversations.

It just inspired me once again to follow my dreams and create my future. NOT based on my past

The Three Amigos

I was introduced to Dr Joe’s work just over a year ago and it’s been quite a ride. I can only describe the wealth of scientifically backed evidence of as jawdropping. Naturally, this new interest awakened by this humble leader led me to discover the work of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. The three sometimes being referred to as the Three Amigos. Their work and findings often overlap, however from different perspectives. Next up will have to be Bruce Lipton…. Or maybe all three together.

When attending the conference the energy and interaction between these two men just brought the phrase, ‘humble leadership’ to mind. To me, they are such inspiring leaders in a society hungry for empowerment.

A humble leader in neuroscience

Dr Joe Dispenza approaches the mystical from a neuroscientific perspective. The research and findings are groundbreaking. The simplicity with which he explains concepts based in quantum physics is eye-opening. In fact, it is so earthshattering (to me at least) that it might often be dismissed as pseudo-science. However, that might be the topic for a different post. Seeing him again, I was once again stunned at this man’s humility and desire to empower those around him. Thousands of people have attended his events/workshops. Tickets to these are sold out in less than an hour. However, this hasn’t always been the case. After a spinal injury in his mid-twenties, he discovered the influence his mind could have on his healing.

His books, in order:

  • Evolve Your Brain (2007)
  • Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself (2012)
  • You Are The Placebo (2014)
  • Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon (2017)

I would consider this man as a humble leader inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to use their innate ‘power’ to not only heal themselves but live the lives of their dreams. And enjoying it!!

A Humble Leader in Ancient Traditions

Gregg Braden is another humble leader I admire. Seeing him in person just affirmed the passion this man has for the work he does. The wisdom endowed upon him from the elders of some ancient societies. The concepts of Neurocardiology and mirror neurons complimented with a perception test, showing us the importance of heart coherence. His approachability and humility are just so inspiring. I, in fact, started the day off in a slight banter and then running into him at the end of the lunch break got to take a photo with him (as seen above).

He was in fact named as New Thought Walden Award honoree for 2019 and a nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award. His ideas, inspired by his extensive travel and knowledge of ancient traditions is groundbreaking (for the Western World). And yet he seems playful and relaxed with the burden of this precious knowledge and experience. His books include

  • Resilience From The Heart
  • Fractal Time
  • The God Code
  • The Divine Matrix

Humble Leaders Are What This World Needs

These two men are only two examples of positive, humble leaders that seem to be emerging on the sidelines. All this while the more prominent world and political leaders seem to shy away from this. The effectiveness of this hard, somewhat narcissistic, authoritarian approach quite apparent in the chaos the world seems to be experiencing.

It is time for us to once again start listening to our hearts and not only our heads. Achieving coherence between mind, heart and emotions is just maybe where the answer to so many of our modern challenges lie.

Create your future instead of duplicating your past.

The SFM team have shown me that there are various of these positive leaders around. They are there to support you on your journey, not only with the technicalities but also with getting your mindset right. Making sure you are focused on your ‘why’ and keep your heart in the game.

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