How SEO Marketing Works

How SEO Marketing works. Cogs showing all the parts of marketing

Marketing is probably one of the most important functions. However, SEO marketing seems to be a dark horse for most.

You may have the greatest product or service, but if no-one knows about it you will not make any sales. There are various forms of marketing. These range from dropping flyers to digital marketing campaigns and can even include networking.

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Could a humble leader be the answer

Humble leader. Gregg Braden and Lena selfie.

The concept of humble leaders came to mind when I recently attended a one day workshop in London. The workshop was led by two men I admire greatly.

Dr Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden.

Although I’ve attended events by Dr Joe Dispenza before, it was my first time seeing Gregg Braden in person. I was even lucky enough to have a quick chat and snap a pic with him.

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