How Internet Marketing Can Help You Earn Money Online

Internet marketing writing on a laptop screen.

With the reach of the internet being what it is, should internet marketing not be the logical way to go? Our lives have become intertwined with the internet: Ease of information access Global social networking Being able to buy online to save time physically going to the shops The internet is here to stay. Here’s pivotal facts … Read more How Internet Marketing Can Help You Earn Money Online

3 Reasons Why You Can Achieve Financial Freedom

Coastal scene for financial freedom.

We often tend to get lost in life. We are willing to give up our dreams for the sake of pleasing others. Building your dream life requires a lot more than imagination and positive affirmation. It is a long journey of self-awareness, dedication and commitment. However financial freedom is within your reach. If someone asked me … Read more 3 Reasons Why You Can Achieve Financial Freedom

Overcome you fear to be truly free

Is fear holding you back? Scared girl with ghost behind her.

For many years I lived wanting everything that was on the other side of fear.   I was not scared of the dark, but what was in it. I was not afraid of people, but of their rejection. Similarly, I was not afraid to love, but of being loved back. I was not afraid to try again, but of getting hurt for the same reason.’

And it all started on that New Years eve night 1983… I was 6 years old. As usual, my parents insisted that I must have a nap before pulling an ‘all-nighter ‘ to celebrate another year gone by. It was a tradition back then for children and adults to stay up all night. We celebrated the last day of the year with family and friends.

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Marketing vs Networking

Marketing vs Networking. Lena in wheelchair.

After a few FB and Bing no conversion ads, I started wondering whether the old school traditional marketing still worked. It was a lot more fun sitting behind my PC in the comfort of my home, sipping a steaming cup of coffee with a spoon of peanut butter, creating social media ads than delivering countless leaflets, trying to convince receptionists at the doctors and nursing homes as to why they should use our services.

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Time To Set My Priorities Straight

Setting your priorities straight. Lena & Jess on bike with sidecar.

I Came To A Point In My Life Where I Felt It Was Time To Set My Priorities Straight.

Last September my son has started High school which was both, exciting and terrifying at the same time. Having never commuted before and unable at times to tell left from right… The idea of him taking a train was rather unsettling. But as it often happens, the unknown quickly becomes the known and as the weeks went by we all gained confidence in his commuting abilities.

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It starts with a single step to freedom

It starts with a single step to freedom. Take the first step written on road.

These words inspire me to claw myself out of the corner as, yet another day has passed, and I have not managed to recruit anyone for my franchise. It starts with a single step to freedom.

‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step’

Lao Tzu

Before I dive any further. I should probably talk a bit about my new venture in the world of Driving Miss Daisy. A few months ago, while going through some personal struggles I decided to focus my attention on doing some good for the community. Having toyed with the idea of setting up a charity for some time.

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