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3 Ways To Transform Your Life

There’s something in change and transformation that makes many people shy away from embarking on a personal journey and self-awareness. The path to transformation and change can be long, challenging and lonely. But once you discover your purpose and keep putting one foot in front of the other, then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.

What is transformation

Transformation refers to a marked change in nature, appearance or form. Therefore the process of becoming something else. In all hope, something better.

How to Transform Your Life

1. Turn your passion into an income
2. Transform your energy
3. Change your mindset

Perhaps people fear being judged or laughed at. Or they simply have not yet figured out why they are on this journey.  The path to transformation and change can be long, challenging and lonely. The dinner conversations are no longer engaging. You find comfort in solitude and quiet rather than in nights spent drinking wine and talking about Brexit.

I am now climbing this mountain and my journey started a year ago. I could not have imagined that I would have this website or launched 2 businesses but most importantly I feel inspired and wake up each day with the sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

Just like training your body the mind too, needs a lot of PT. We go to the gym. Attend HIT classes. Run and bike for miles. Eat no carb, no fat, no gluten, no dairy. We frown and condemn people who eat chips and drink coke. Thinking that we are going to live forever as super healthy organic individuals. However, we live in stress and anxiety but at least skinny.

That was me, for many years but fortunately, it all turned around….

My spiritual ‘awakening’ happened last November, but more about it a bit later on. What I want to focus on here is how by discovering digital marketing I began not only changing my career goal but re-evaluating everything I have been doing up till now. 

So, here’s more about my journey over the past year and some of the challenges I faced along the way. As well as 3 ways for you to transform your life.

1. Transform Your Passion Into An Income

If you are on the path to self-discovery and feeling stuck in the rut (like I was with my job), I have put together some eBooks on how it is possible to break free from the chains of 9-5, start your own business with sense of purpose and transform your passion into income. 

However, none of this would have been possible without Six Figure Mentor (SFM) Community, whose dedication, knowledge and willingness to extend a helping hand when needed (and I needed a lot of it!) has opened my eyes to unlimited new opportunities.

Why not learn more about my journey with them below:

2. Transform your energy, transform your life

In 2018, I went to my very first Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop. I was struggling in my business, relationships and life in general. Travelling by myself and not knowing a single person attending the event was a challenge itself. Little did I know how much my life will change in those 7 days.

Transform your life. Lena jumping in the air

At the seminar, I learned many amazing things about my mind, the central nervous system and energy systems. I learned about the difference between time-space and space-time. About vibration, the connection between the mind and the body organs. I learnt about our magical connection to other worlds through the Pineal gland. I heard and met people who have healed their bodies from cancer, Parkinson, strokes and other life-impacting diseases. When mainstream medicine washed their hands off.

It was beyond inspirational to see how after only a few days the people who have spent years in wheelchairs were up on the stage dancing with the rest of us. How a young man only given days to live overcame his body and defined all laws of conventional medicine. Those stories are only very few.  It was truly an unforgettable experience and I am grateful for every hug I received and soul I experienced.

And then it was home time…

One of the hardest parts about this magical seven-day workshop was realising that I am the only thing that’s changed. How my relationship and reaction to others is different … but the rest remains the same. This experience cracked me open as I saw what was possible for myself and my life. 

The first week at home was the hardest. When my son was born, 12 years ago, I suffered from post-natal depression. I couldn’t seem to settle back into my life because I was no longer the same person. Everything was carrying on and yet I was re-evaluating what worked and didn’t. While still having to show up and go through the motions. After all, I was married, 2 kids, job and other responsibilities that come with being a parent, wife and IT contractor.

Fortunately, this situation made me even more determined to carry on with the work that I started in Brighton. To master my emotions and thoughts I swapped my 5 am runs for meditations. My train journey was used for reading the likes of Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Neil Donald Walsh, Napoleon Hill and many others who have inspired and encouraged me. At work, I could no longer sit and code without listening to something meaningful and inspiring (would not recommend this as my quality of work has dropped significantly!)

3. Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

In case you have not heard of the Law of Attraction it is the concept where you align your thoughts and positive emotions and then, bang…the object of your dreams manifests in your life!

There are a lot of articles on the internet where people describe how they manifested £2000 in the sock drawer or a dream vacation, new job, etc.

It was not so simple for me…I have created mind movies. Wrote my affirmation in journals. Meditated with feelings of compassion and gratitude. However, the only physical thing I manifested was someone else’s lottery ticket that fell onto my lap looking and feeling exactly like I imagined it in the manifestation meditation.

This made me wonder, what I was doing wrong and who I was being in the real world. Am I really the greatest version of myself? Filled with gratitude, compassion, understanding, oneness and connected to all of the universal life? Or am I somebody who is moping about feeling stuck at her job, short-tempered with the kids, obsessing about few extra grams she gained (fine, it’s more like 8kg’s but my clothes still fit)?

Then it dawned on me that until I change my energy in EVERYTHING I do in my life (including laundry and toilet cleaning) there will be no changes in the physical environment. I do not have to change it all at once. However, each day I must overcome an obstacle. An unwanted feeling or emotion which keeps me stuck in my old self. This became my approach to transform my life.

So where did I start?

Since visiting the workshop in November 2018, I have been pursuing an idea of starting my own charity supporting orphanages in Russia (as this is where I am originally from) and providing driving services to the elderly and disabled. Taking them shopping, cinema, visiting friends, beach, fish and chips and any other chosen destinations.

As I had no idea how such a charitable cause could have slotted into my busy lifestyle with kids, a full-time job, gym, yoga, meditations. I decided to manifest money instead.

I revisited my mind movie filling it with pictures and affirmations of abundance. Set daily intentions of receiving compensation for an unclaimed PPI or a long lost relative I never heard of. Leaving me as a sole up taker of their fortunes. But most I managed was £11 from a lottery ticket.

Feeling frustrated and clearly not in any unison with the universal consciousness I went back to basics and stopped expecting the unexpected thinking that perhaps there is another plan for me.

A few months later an email came through from one of the charities suggesting that I contact a franchise providing companionship and driving services for elderly, children, disabled and those unable to get out and about.

Whilst I was meditating on the charitable cause a few months prior, the name ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ popped into my head. The name of the franchise I was given was too, Driving Miss Daisy. It was no brainer what my next steps would be!

A journey to transformation

It has been a long journey getting finances in order, writing business plans, cash flow projections, dealing with investors and losing investors as well as losing some other very important things in my life. But as painful as it was, I know what my truth is and turning my back on it is not an option.

A few months ago, an ad popped up in front of me and like most people, I too intended to ignore or shut them down. However, I was impelled by some unknown to click on it. It was the best click I have made in a very long time. This connected me with SFM Community where like-minded people are trying to make a difference to those who are seeking alternatives to their lifestyles. They build you up from inside out before giving you the tools and teaching you how to walk and transform your life.

Are you ready to transform your life?

For more information and how you can transform your life, reach financial freedom and spend time persuing your true passion click below.

Transform & Earn

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