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At Transform Your Life we would like to help you find the confidence and inspiration to chase your dreams. We are two friends with shared interests and the motivation to bridge the digital world with spirituality. We truly believe that with the right information you can achieve flexibility and financial security

Although we share many of the same interests, we approach things very differently. We also have very different backgrounds and goals. That is why we think we can provide so much more to people wanting to make a change.

A little more about the two of us.

Lena’s journey to transform her life

Lena has a degree in Computer Science and has been in the Business Process Management industry for over 18 years. From the outside very successful and earning good money. Two children in a private school. Skiing in winter and beach holidays in summer with some extra holidays in between. However, always looking for a new challenge or getaway.

In November 2018 Lena attended a workshop by Dr Joe Dispenza which transformed her life. This new perspective not only gave her a new lease on life but also opened her mind to different opportunities. Subsequently, she came across Six Figure Mentors and the Transform Your Life brand was created. No longer a contractor, Lena now puts all her energy into Transform Your Life and her other business, Driving Miss Daisy Woking. For more about Lena’s journey, read more here. Make sure to read more about her insights into the world of digital marketing and her spiritual journey on the blog page.

Various pics of Lena and Michelle working

Michelle’s Journey to Transformation

Michelle is a bit of a lifelong student. She has a BA (Psychology), BA Hon (Psychology) and a PGCE. After moving her family from South Africa to England in 2015 she realised that the job market did not provide her with the freedom she needed to be there for her children. Having practised as a Psychometrist (Independent Practice), working in this field without the family support in a new country was not going to work. She needed more flexibility than ever before.

Therefore she started her own business, Instinctive Living, providing virtual assistance to other businesses. This was the start of another learning curve. Although she focused on businesses within Psychology and Education at first, websites and SEO soon became a topic of great interest. Read more about her insights and journey on the blog page.

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